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Long-Term Off-Grid Solar Benefits

From large to small, comfortable full-time homes to vacation cottages. Specializing in off-grid solar power utilizing reliable Outback Solar systems. Dependable power, eliminating grid-tied power outages and high electric bills.  No ugly overhead power lines. Clean renewable energy.  A typical complete home system, including generator, runs about $26,000.00. Of course you can start with less and expand as your needs expand. 


Solar Installer You Can Trust

Serving east Hawaii Island. When we arrived in Hawaii  in 2005 we lived in a tent on our property until our home was built.  I set up our first off-grid solar system, while still in our tent, and have expanded it as our needs increased after moving into our home. I've installed many other solar systems, found how expensive it can be dealing with solar providers, so I decided to open our company to keep quality systems reasonably priced.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I recommend and use Outback Solar systems. They provide reliable power and I feel they have the best warranty in the industry. I am now recommending and using SimpliPhi  Lithium batteries, far superior to lead acid batteries, plus have a 10 year warranty. Most of our solar packages include the Honda EU7000is generator which is integrated into the Outback inverter for automatic operation.

Solar supplies


Are you in need of solar supplies?

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of individual, please contact me for your solar supplies. My prices will most likely beat any other suppliers in the area.

NEED A GATE INSTALLED? I also install both solar powered or manual

Solar powered automatic gate opener


No need to get out in the rain to open or close it. Sorry for the picture not showing all of it.

Pipe style gate


This photo shows two short posts. I do no recommend a short  post on the hinge side for 16 foot gates. They tend to sag.

Custom galvanized pipe gate


This gate is two 8 foot sections made  of 2 inch galvanized pipe with 1 inch pipe inserts. It's hinged on 6 inch poles due to the weight of the gate.

Wire mesh gates



Most non-solar pre-fabbed gate installs are priced in the range of $1,000.00. Pipe gates are less expensive than wire mesh gates. I use 3 inch ID galvanized pipe for the posts, as well as galvanized gates.

Adding an automatic solar gate controller will add about $1,000.00 to the cost. I can also add a controller to an existing gate.

 Of course, you can pick your own gate if you have something in particular in mind.

Custom gates can be twice the cost or more, depending on how elaborate they are.

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please use the form for an estimate, or call us for any questions about converting your home to solar. We look forward to serving you!

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